Activate, Align & Shine 

Starts Monday March 22nd 

Activate, Align & Shine 8 Week Wellness Program. 


The ultimate energetic detox and reset for your mind body & spirit. 


  • Restore your life force and balance your energy centers. 

  • Get out of your own way and realize the full life you are meant to live!

  • Learn more about your mind, body and spirit. 

  • Be gently guided each week with an online class designed to teach you all about your sacred centers.

  • Weekly meditation to support your journey, nutritional advice and other practical exercises to improve your mind, body & spirit. 

  • Yoga movements to bring energy to the center we will be working with Mudras specific to the intentions for growth and healing of each chakra.

  • Breath-work exercises to clear energetic interference of life force energy. 

  • Go at your own pace! Each module is dropped weekly and is easy to access on the student portal so you don’t have to worry about missing a class. 

  • Get interactive support! You have the option to meet with me and the other souls in your group once a fortnight via zoom to integrate and unpack what you have been working on throughout your journey. 

  • Community support, you will have access to our online Facebook community for life! So you can keep in touch with everyone, interact and share your experiences. 


If you are just starting your journey into the spiritual world, or you have been feeling a little off balance of late and you are wanting some motivation and guidance to help you feel back into your alignment this is the program for you! 


This 8 week program includes 8 sessions dropped each Monday mapping through your bodies individual chakras and gives tangible, interactive and actionable methods on how to release blocked energy so you can live a happier more aligned life and get back the bounce in your step. 


The chakras are wheels of energy that 

Blocked energy in any of our chakras can lead to illness, heaviness or the feeling of being stuck. In fact, a blockage in one has a chain reaction affect on the movement of energy through all seven.

Each chakra has a different focus, pertaining to a different area of the body, correlating to a specific organs, emotions and parts of our lives. 


Activate your inner potential, align your energy centers and feel fully free to shine your light in the world. 



Pay Up front & Save !! 


Deposit $100
4 fortnightly payments of $150


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