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Activate Align and Shine Retreat


21.08.2019 - 25.8.2019

As the sun sets in Canggu,16 women are gathered in a circle ready for four days of enlightenment,
self-discovery and inner transformation. Emily Shine, a Clairvoyant, Kinesiologist, Spiritual Mentor and
an extremely intuitive woman with a big heart opens the circle with a welcoming smile.
“Welcome to the Activate Align and Shine Retreat. In the next four days we’ll be embarking on a
spiritual journey of self-discovery and deep healing. Although you may not know each other right now, I
have no doubt in my mind that you all will continue to be friends forever after these four days”.
This sacred retreat, located in a private villa in Canggu, was once only a vision for Emily. It was created
with an intention to bring the sisterhood together to connect with themselves and each other on a deeper
level. Although Emily had been running local women's retreats for a few years, this was the first time it
would be experienced overseas.
As well as offering a variety of healing modalities, outdoor excursions and wellness activities, Emily
brings along a team of professional specialists to help support her guests; Brooke Waters, a personal
trainer known for her intense booty sessions, Hannah Jayne, a healthy eating enthusiast and certified
Naturopathic Practitioner, Michelle Saunderson, a healer for the soul and Reiki Practitioner and Amber
Triggs, Emily’s designated photographer who captures the retreats precious moments.
Over the next four days, these women were about to go on a journey of trust, growth, release and

“The Activate Align and Shine retreat was incredible and life changing in every way. I highly
recommend it to anyone and everyone.“ — Monique
Located an hour away from Canggu is Ubud. A place which weaves nature, culture and spirituality
together, and the perfect place to spend Day Two of the retreat, an action-packed day designed to
activate healing in the mind, body and spirit.
The day started with a short walk in Ubud’s famous Tegenungan Village, a stunning large waterfall
surrounded by lush green valleys. After taking in the beautiful scenery of one of Bali’s iconic natural
locations, the next stop was a visit to Tirta Empul, a Hindu Balinese water temple filled with chakra
clearing pools.

Tirta Empul
A sacred place to cleanse your soul
For over 1000 years, the Balinese people have been coming to these sacred pools for purification.
Before entering the water, guests are required to wear a special sarong and sash known as kamen.
Once in proper attire, starting from the left side of the pool, each guest is required to follow a ritual for
each fountain by setting an intention through prayer, offering thanks for the holy water, sweeping water
over their bodies three times and drinking a small amount three times.
This was truly a magnificent, cleansing and spiritually enlightening experience. As transformation had
already been received as a powerful message throughout the retreat, it was no wonder that a snake
decided to grace a few women with its presence as they stepped up to the fountains. Along with snakes,
these sacred pools were home to a variety of colourful fish and baby frogs which added even more to the

The Pyramids of Chi
Healing, wellness and relaxation through vibration and sound
Once cleansed and out of the water, the next location was the Pyramids of Chi, a wellness centre which
holds the largest ancient sound healing meditation inside two built-to-scale pyramids replicating The
Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.
Throughout the years, sound has been used as a powerful healing modality and is known to bring the
body back to a healthy state of vibration. This meant that The Pyramids of Chi were the perfect place to
visit next. As each of the women grabbed their eye masks and entered the pyramid, they were greeted
by a room filled with comfortable beds all laid out next to each other and an impressive set of ancient
sound instruments standing boldly in the middle.
Once settled, a harmonising and beautiful voice started to reverberate around the dimly lit room. What
followed over the next hour were a series of sound frequencies generated from ancient instruments such
as large gongs, pow wow drums, Himalayan bowls and even the didgeridoo.
Whilst the music sent some of the women into a deep slumber, others had profound experiences which
brought forth many emotional releases, tears, healing, spiritual insight and further bonding.


“I’m walking away from this retreat with a lifetime of friendship and soul-searching that no amount of
money can pay for” — Donna
To balance yesterdays’ activated inner healing, day three was dedicated entirely to alignment, focusing
on realigning, healing and balancing the body. This meant a day of massages, intuitive guidance, healing
sessions, women’s circles and of course cocktails.
After a beautiful outdoor yoga session with Kat from Lovely Radical, it was time to nurture the body even
further with massages, healing sessions and a session with Hannah to determine the inner workings and
gut health of the body. The house became silent as each guest enjoyed a series of deep healing, an
in-house relaxing massage or spent time with Hannah getting to know more about their body.
Occasionally enchanting sounds and vibrations would waft from the rooms of Emily and Michelle as they
performed their healing.

Once all guests felt nurtured from the inside out, it was time to gather the sisterhood together again in a
circle where they would share a mug of cacao, a piece of their soul and their story. As the women sat
around the circle telling their story in a way which showed strength and vulnerability, the social armour
began to peel off even further and by the end of the circle there weren't many dry eyes in the house but
hearts filled with love and compassion.
As the theme was about balance, after a day of nurture and growth, it was time to have some fun! Emily
had arranged a night out at Fins, Canggu’s popular pool bar for an evening of release, relaxation and the
perfect place for everyone to unwind and enjoy a few cocktails.

“This experience has enlightened myself and others on the inside and showed us what we are
capable of doing and all the gifts that we hold.” — Krystal
Day four was about letting love and compassion shine through the gift of giving, and what better way to
do this than a visit to a local Balinese orphanage. Whilst some of the women decided to venture into the
heart of Canggu for a day of exploring, the other women (armed with food and colouring books) spent
the day with their hearts wide open at one of Bali’s local orphanages, where they shared special
moments with each of the children.
Back at the house, it was time to turn back the years and bring out the magic of the inner child with a
slumber party. Pajamas, ice cream, chocolate, deep bonding and girly chats were on the menu for the

“This retreat has been such an amazing journey” - Tash

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, which is why before leaving the retreat, the final
exercise involved gazing into each others eyes to allow an even stronger energetic connection to form.
For some, this was all that was needed to break down the walls and allow the tears to flow as the hugs
grew tighter and the goodbyes were whispered.

Over the past 5 days, these women encountered a journey like no other. A journey which
transformed who they were from the inside out, tore down their amour, opened their hearts and
allowed them to connect to themselves and each other in a way they never have done before.
As the closing hugs commenced, each of the women knew they would be walking away with
more strength and resilience, more love, more connection and a soul sister for life.

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