Divine Energetics Healing


So you want to be an energy practitioner but you are not sure what modality to learn? 


Become a Divine Energetics Practitioner 

Whether you are an established or aspiring  Healer, this course will give you the skills you need to learn how to take your healing practice to a whole new level! through 15 weeks together i will guide you on ways to access the innate awareness of your clients body to find out exactly what is needed to bring the body back into balance. This is perfect for those who are new to healing or those who already have a few tools under their belt. I will not only teach you new practices, but also guide you into ways that you can combine your current skills and knowledge and  bring them together with the magic of muscle testing.


This is a comprehensive mainly online course that  will run over 15 weeks deriving information from over 10 different energy healing modalities such as kinesiology, reiki, crystal healing, flower essence healing, acupressure, sound therapy, emotional freedom techniques, intuitive healing, aromatherapy, aurasoma and so much more, If you have dreamed of becoming an energy healer or are already versed in some modalities but are looking to upskill this course if for you.


Each week we will meet in a virtual classroom run via zoom where you will have face to face tutoring with Emily Shine, kinesiologist, intuitive mentor energy healer for over 12 years. You will also be provided with study material and access to an online community with your fellow students along with past students. This will include written assessments and online practical assessments and in person student clinic days.


Apon completion you will receive a certificate of completion in divine energetics. This is a workshop based Course, Divine energetics is designed to teach you the practical skills you need to access a deep level of healing for your clients. Divine energetics is not a government or nationally accredited course and therefore is not covered by VET FEE or government assistance, as a result the pricing has been kept low and payment plans have been made available for your convenience.  

What past students say?

This course is amazing and has opened my eyes to a whole new  

world that i cant wait to explore more of. 
- Shelane


I couldn't recommend this course more, life changing skills! 



This has been the best course ever. I know I was meant to do this.

- Michelle


I never want this course to end. 

- Jodie  


Course starts 28th of August 2020

classes will run weekly on a Friday morning at 9.15am or Wednesday nights at 7pm via zoom

You do not need to attend both classes they are run twice a week for your convenience. 
Each class runs for Approximately 2 hours and is recorded and uploaded to the student portal so that you can catch up should you miss any classes. optional in personal practical classes will be run on weekends throughout the 15 weeks please see below for dates.  


Week one 

Monday 31st August 7:15Pm

Week two

Monday 7th September 7:15pm 

Week three 

Monday 14th September 7:15pm 

Week four

Monday 21st September 7:15pm 

Week five 

Monday 28th September 7:15pm 


Sunday 27th September 9am to 1.00pm  

Week six

Monday 5th October 7:15pm 

Week seven

Monday 12th October 7:15pm 

Week eight  

Monday 19th October 7:15pm 



Sunday 25th of October 9am to 1.00pm  


Week nine 

Monday 26th October 7:15pm 

Week ten 

Monday 2nd November 7:15pm 


Sunday 15th November 9am to 1pm   

Week eleven 

Monday 9th November 7:15pm

Week twelve  

Monday  16th November 7:15pm

Week thirteen 

Monday 23rd November 7:15pm

Week fourteen  

Monday 30th November 7:15pm

Week fifteen  

Sunday  6th December 9am to 1pm In person event
Exceptions can be made so this can be streamed via distance for those who are unable to attend in person.

Day includes practical lesson, final assessment and graduation. 

Learning outcome

Students will gain demonstrable competency in

  1. How to practically conduct an energy healing session with a client or via distance.

  2. Understanding energetic anatomy including location and function of the meridian system, aurac fields and chakras along with their corresponding organs.

  3. Practical application of muscle monitoring.

  4. The use of Pre checks when conducting energy healing

  5. Setting and muscle testing a goal for energy clearing  

  6. Age regression to identify origin of stress in the body

  7. Practical applications for balancing the bodies energetic field

  8. Client care and practitioner responsibilities

  9. The use of finger modes and mudras

  10. Clearing energetic attachments (NEFS)

  11. Grounding ,protecting and space holding.

  12. Use of Vibrational medicine techniques such as flower essences, sound, oils and colour.    





Pay Upfront and save 

Upfront price $1700 Save $300


Payment plans

$100 deposit followed by
Monthly Instalments  $450 a month X 4 months 

= $1900  


Pay as you go 



$200 deposit followed by $250 Fortnightly for 7 fortnights 



$200 Deposit followed by Weekly $120 a week for 15 weeks

= $2000


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