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Calling all holistic Professionals!!! Reiki masters, kinesiologists, healers, naturopaths, intuitive healers alike....



  • Are you a holistic professional or wanting to start a wellness business but not sure where to start?

  • Do you feel blocked in areas that you cant seem to shift through alone?

  • Do you want to better understand yourself, and how you can make your business work for you?

  • Do you struggle with things like admin, back office set up, pricing your services and all the other things that come from running a business that does not include actually doing what you love to do which is your modality?  

  • Do you want a better sense of clarity around your life purpose and how to step into alignment with your soul work?

  • Do you want to unlock abundance and drastically uplevel your business, without loosing your integrity, burning yourself out or pricing your services so high that you become inaccessibleto the every day person you are so eager to help? 

  • Have you tried coaching programs in the past that didn't understand your industry, understand your values or that pushed you into  a framework that was largely focued on making money rather then making a difference? 

  • Do you also want to drastically improve your health, Increase confidence, intuition, physical wellbeing, happiness and magnetism!!?

    The Aligned evolution could be for you.
    We all want to evolve our lives and our businesses but we want to do so in a way that actually aligns to us! It has been my observation over the past 14 years working in holistic and energetic health that most practitioners are actually not motivated by making lots of money, of course we want that to. but its not our core value and its not what has us springing out of bed in the morning. Thats why most businesses coaching programs don't work for us! because the focus is on making money not making a difference. it is about taking you away from working in your business so you can work on your business and have the business run itself, again for most healers we want the opposite. 

We often come to our profession from a deep desire to impact the health and wellbeing of our community and to do that we either study or fine tune our skills over time to continue to show up and be of service.


The flip side of this is that a lot of healers who are amazing at their modalities struggle with the business end, because its just not what we came here to do right!! I often also see many healers unable to feel confident about their pricing and their offerings because they want to remain in service and accessible which leads them to working long hours and becoming so burnt out. 

so how do you find balance? how can you run a thriving practice that allows you to serve, pay the bills and not be completely overwhelmed? how do you evolve your business in a way that aligns with your integrity and your values? Thats what this program aims to do. Working with myself and other industry experts who have tried and proven track records of running successful practices, courses and events from a space of integrity and soul. 


Q: How will I know a group container will still cater to my individual needs?
A: If ever had a coaching experience where the coach that’s taking you through a program has a one size fits all approach that just hasn’t worked for you? Has that left you feeling annoyed at the lack of results or even annoyed at yourself for not fitting into the box? I’ve had similar experiences with coaching before and it is so disheartening to invest your time and money into something that simply doesn’t apply to your unique life experiences. That’s where this program excels!  Small group coaching classes that utilize your energetic DNA, individual human design charts, It combines Coaching techniques and strategies with kinesiology and human design which are both modalities that really look to the uniqueness of the individual. Using this powerful combination we can accurately uncover the specific points that have been holding you back and make lasting changes to your life on a multidimensional level.  You will also have a coach who cares about your individual needs and has a personal understanding of where you are at. Another bonus is you will also get to connect with a community of people in the same space as you and you can keep your outlays to a minimum. 

Q: what if I still want a one-on-one coaching experience? 

A: no problems! check out the deep chakra awakenings program catered specifically for you. 

The body mind and soul are incredible, they work together and effect each other. working with all of these areas holistically is the answer to the freedom and forward movement you are seeking. Alignment is key to understanding and unlocking your full potential and staying on the right path without falling to self sabotage.


If you are wanting to deepen your self development, spiritual development or up level your conscious business I have a program to suit you. 

Corey! (1).jpg

Testimonial From Michelle

From the moment i met Michelle i knew she was here to do amazing things for this world. Her light and healing abelites were all there with in her but she was yet to know how to bring those parts of her out into the world and allow her soul work to support her financially, emotionally and spiritually. Through working together we were able to shift through the blocks that were keeping her hiding in fear, amplify her abilities and clear negative belief patterns from her past. Michelle is now living her dream and helping hundreds of people to do the same. Here is what she has to say about working with me.


Option One


Group Coaching Program 

Maximize your coaching experience by joining my next group coaching program launching April 2022!


12 weeks of weekly intensive coaching 

utilizing the benefit of community with Small groups of like minded people no more then 8 per call so you feel completely seen and heard.
This also provides a powerful container for accountability along with aligning you with a supportive network. 

.Each participant leaves every session with individual actions relating to their goals and personal development. 

Super affordable (less then $90 a session!) with payment plans available

Utilizing your Human design chart to create an individual experience you will receive 12 group coaching sessions online via zoom with up to 8 other likeminded people. During our sessions we will talk about what you are currently struggling with or where you would like support in your life, development or business. I will then provide comprehensive insights on how to move forward using your specific design and methods on how to clear and decondition old negative belief patterns holding you back. we will also discuss transits for the week and where/how to best utilize our energy.

You will also have 1 on 1 email / Facebook support with me every step of the way and access to a group chat with your fellow team members.


Benefits of group mentorship? You don’t only gain coaching you gain a tribe! This is awesome because you will find clarity by listening to each others stories as well as having your own chance to speak to your individual needs.   



$888 Upfront

3x Monthly payments of $288

12 x Weekly Payments of $88 

Laptop On Tray

Option Two

In Depth one on one Program 

This 18 week program is designed to take you step by step through each of your human design canters / chakras and go deep down into what is held there that may be causing disharmony or holding you back from reaching a place of calm.



What I will provide
9 Mentorship sessions These can take place in person or online depending on what suits you best.

During our sessions we will talk about what you are currently struggling with or where you would like to deepen into. I will then give you comprehensive insight on how to move forward and then we will actually perform an in depth Human Design Kinesiology Healing each session to gain clarity on where these patterns occurred and physically recode your patterns through your energy matrix.
You will also have 1 on 1 email / Facebook support with me every step of the way.

Need to vent or defrag about something as we step through this journey? i've got you! Think of me as your  personal  development mentor right In your pocket.

kinesiology + Coaching + Mentorship
This can be used to take You or your business to the next level
understand your purpose
Get your Physical health on track
feel more balanced and aligned
Ease the discomfort of your awakening journey
finally say good bye to behavior patterns and mindsets that get in the way

heal, release, transmute and integrate so you can get along your Soul Evolutionary Path and do what only you came here to do!

So your ready to take on this journey with me ? what next? 

Below is a list of all included fees. I am all about full transparency so you don't need to worry about any pushy sales calls or hidden costs! what you see is what you get!

I will say that any mentorship is an investment in you and if you are using this to further your business it is 100% tax deductible so you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. If this all feels completely aligned for you or you want to know more schedule a no obligation discovery call with me to discuss your journey further by filling in the contact form below.

This is not just another coaching program this is an unearthing of self. This program is life changing. Make it count and make it stick! 

One on One Investment 

18 weekly payments  $133

4 x monthly Payments of $599

All sessions up front $2222

9x 2 hour fortnightly coaching sessions that include:

  • An In-depth dive into your personal human design chart that we will refer back to throughout your sessions. 

  • Kinesiology sessions to recondition and realign your centers 

  • Free access to weekly group coaching calls  

  • Weekly accountability check ins. 

  • Email support & voice memo support throughout your journey 


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