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Become a Energy Healing practitioner & Human design reader all in one course!

Integrative Energetics Practitioner Course

Starts Feb 29th 2024

Welcome, its by no accident that you have landed here and I look forward to welcoming you into this in-depth learning container. If you like many others are feeling the need to deepen your knowledge in areas that can help support humanity both physically, emotionally and energetically during this time then integrative energetics may be exactly the modality you are looking for. If you are looking to be able to both coach and consult clients as well as support them in breaking energetic or neurological patterns stored in their bodies this modality is for you! Not only will you be taught a wide range of healing modalities along with muscle testing & distance healing you will learn skills from more then 10 different energy healing modalities including kinesiology, human design, Reiki, Crystal healing, Acutonics, Meridain healing, Chakra balancing, Flower essence healing and much more. 

This is the ultimate hybrid modality and it is incredibly life changing stuff!

What topics are covered in Integrative energetics?

  1. How to accurately muscle test a client

  2. How to perform distance healing sessions for online clients

  3. support & coaching on how to set up a successful healing practice

  4. How to conduct a client intake

  5. How to clear energy from your space

  6. Emotional Healing & Age regression

  7. Chakra Balancing 

  8. Balancing the Meridians 

  9. Emotional freedom technique (EFT)

  10. Colour Therapy

  11. Flower essences therapy

  12. Crystal healing

  13. Sound healing/ using tuning forks

  14. Removing negative entities

  15. Essential oils

  16. Scared geometry

  17. Womb Healing ( added certified womb healing facilitator)

  18. Reiki ( certified level 1, 2 and masters)  

  19. Human design fundamentals & how to conduct a reading 

  20. Human design healing 

    and so much more!!

The full Course also includes all the modules from Human design school along with Human design Kinesiology which allows you to not only perform HD readings but also heal and decondition the body in alignment with their chart. Check out the Human design School tab and the Humand Design Kinesiology tab to learn more about those topics. 

you also get to participate with a really amazing group of like minded people in a small classroom of no more then 6 people at a time. this allows you to have plenty of one on one support and time to ask questions.

This is a course that is run both online and in person, to suit your schedule and location.  Online classes are recorded for future viewing. This is life changing stuff and it is exactly what our world needs at this time of its evolution!

Suitable for newbies with no experience as well as established healers wanting to expand their tool kit. 

Each week we will meet either in person (upper Coomera Gold coast) or  in a virtual classroom run via zoom. 

You will also be provided with study material and access to an online community with your fellow students along with past students.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion in Integrative energetics, certificate 1,2 & 3 in Reiki and Certificate in womb healing. 


classes will run weekly vis zoom. Classes are capped at a maximum of 8 people so that you have an intimate setting to take your time with the extensive material while I am there to answer your questions. All classes will be recorded and available for catch up should you miss out on attending in person. 





"This course is amazing and has opened my eyes to a whole new  

world that i cant wait to explore more of"
- Shelane

"If someone asked me would i pay for a 7 month journey of self discovery, support, balances, and healing.. I would 100% say yes.. the Devine energetics course is that PLUS you learn the tools to understand & apply the work in your own life & business. I cannot believe the amount of information I have learnt in this short amount of time. I feel supported to go out & start this journey of work knowing Emily has prepared me & has my best interest & success at heart. Thank you!"

- Kesleigh


"I couldn't recommend this course more, life changing skills!"



"This has been the best course ever. I know I was meant to do this"

- Michelle


"I never want this course to end" 

- Jodie  


Total Package


Includes Integrative Energetics Modules, Human Design School & Human Design Kinesiology

Pay Upfront and save

Upfront price 

$5000.00 AUD


Payment plans Available 

Payment plan Price requires $300 Deposit
Total Cost $5500

Extended payment plans spanning more months can be arranged based on circumstances please reach out if money is a factor, we can arrange to help you achieve your education experience. 

This is a workshop based Course, Divine energetics is designed to teach you the practical skills you need to access a deep level of healing for your clients. On completion you will be issued with a certificate in advanced divine energetics and become a certified divine energetics practitioner providing you with the ability to offer in-depth human design readings and healing sessions to your clients that are truly life changing.  

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