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You can not transcend what you do not know. By uniting all parts of our being with the pure essence of nature we can go beyond ourselves, remember ourselves and transcend the irrelevant beliefs that stand in the way of our connection to the I am, the self and all that is. To feel truly connected, is to be able to see clearly ahead and trust in the divine order of the universe as we journey through our incarnation at this time. Transcending our limitations makes way for an integration of higher consciousness and frequencies that are always available if we are willing to open.

Emily Shine


Welcome to Transcendence Retreat 2022


Enter a sacred space for deep self healing with an overflowing willingness to learn more about yourself, to shed the old skin that's been constricting your evolution, to choose peace and let it settle in your heart. 

We ask you enter this sacred space with an unwavering trust in the process of your becoming, your emergence of what has been. 




What are you calling into your life? 

Do you understand what direction to take?

Have you been calling out for guidance towards a deeper soul discovery?

Are you in a void of transition ready to embrace the unknown?

Do you need space to be, unravel and reset for this new timeline that calls you now?

Do you feel the threads of your old outdated programs ready to shed for good as you step into the new world?


Emergence retreat is a learning space for us all, its nestled in the gorgeous hinterland of the Sunshine Coast just waiting to birth something truly magical for us. The green House is set in the most amazing rainforest where the owners of the land are dedicated to awakening many hearts and this potent energy is felt upon arrival, so the sacred space will work on you and with you in a way that is powerfully nurturing and supportive. We will learn to lean into the elements all around us. This space is organic, comfortable yet not distracting. Think of a healing temple or ashram dedicated to your inner work, it is less consumed by pretty things and material pleasures, it has been stripped back so that you can disconnect from distractions and go deeper within. This is not designed to be a relaxation spa retreat, so you may be asked to stretch out of your comfort zone, it is deeply transformative and what you leave with will stay with you throughout your lifetimes.  Rest assured you will have a warm comfortable bed to sleep in and deeply nourishing plant based food in your belly but if you are looking for a luxurious comfort weekend this is not it. This is something much, much deeper. 

Bringing a sense of the physical world, and the body through movement and stillness into an expansive spiritual discovery. Emergence of a deeper understanding and perspective of your souls expression is unfolding as we speak and if you are feeling your unique evolution is already well underway then you will feel the call for this emergence retreat from deep within you. As we connect with the mind, body and soul, we are exploring everything in between the physical and the spiritual with grace, trust, safety, connection and open mindedness. We travel together. 




What to expect from your 3 days with us..............


Expect Nothing and receive everything you need. 

We will be accessing and utilizing ancient healing tools for self discovery such as but not limited to:

- Meditation

- Yoga & Movement

- Energy Healing 

- Breathwork

- Sound Healing
- Human Design & Astrology 

- Sweat Lodge experience 

- Detoxing, intermitted fasting.

- Cacao Ceremonies 

- Silence

- Nature walks

- Elemental connection ( Fire, water, air, Earth & Either) 

- Ice Baths 

- Journaling prompts 
- activities designed to activate your creative expression 

- New moon/ Black moon manifestation Fire ceremony

All meals will be catered, Plant based and detoxifying (gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free) If you have any specific concerns here please let us know we will do our best to cater to your needs. 

This retreat holds the intention to align with your truest self expression your higher purpose and assist you to shed anything that is holding you in a web of sub creation. The energy of the black moon holds space for us all  to shift  from our knowing to our wisdom. During our time together we will disconnect from the noise and reconnect with ourselves  by accessing these amazing practices to find what it is that calls you back home, and lands you deeper with in the here and now. 

About the sweat lodge: 

The sweat lodge will be facilitated by the awakening centre, here is some information from them about what to expect. 

Awakening Centre Sacred Sweatlodge ceremonies are based on ancient Lakota rituals with added elements coming from a variety of Shamanic and meditation traditions. The lodge itself symbolizes the womb.

We enter in sacred silence and then experience the power of heated volcanic stones, blessed water, sacred herbs, guided meditations and group chants, before being re-born cleansed and purified.

Before you can join a Sweatlodge ceremony you’ll be sent a link to an online health check form to fill-in. 

Intention Like any deep experience, your intention or prayer for the ceremony is very important, and worth having a good think about before you arrive.

Clothing : We follow the Lakota way which is a modesty lodge, no nudity. Women are asked to wear sweat-dresses that cover shoulders and knees and men wear board shorts or sarong.

Please know that this is not compulsory if you would not like to participate in a sweat there will be a separate space held at that time for you, let us know ahead of time if you would like to sit this out, although we highly recommend this deeply transformative experience. 

THE ENERGY OF THE WORLD and how the retreat can assist you in moving forward ? 


You might feel the heaviness, challenges and density in the world around you — this is a space you can come to transmute those feelings to be of greater service to the collective. You chose to be here during this time in humanity for a reason. This is the great purge, where we are being asked to shed the ways that have held us in density and fear as collective and individually. A reconfiguration is happening and it is your choice to how you emerge on the other side — However you are not alone on this journey, we are here to pass on the tools to navigate with curiosity and heart felt awakenings so that you can reclaim your sovereignty and lead the way forward from a place of integration and connectedness. 


Energetically we have a chance to move through fears of the ego, and to transform any doubt that might limit us and hold us back. We understand there may be feelings of frustration and overwhelm present and we aren’t here to take that away for you — We are here to hold a container of authenticity, truth, and integrity to your soul purpose, we allow you the space to do the work. 

A part of that includes reconnecting with nature, nature is intrinsic to our understanding of ourselves. we will be spending a great deal of time in silent reflection, connecting with the elements and we will also be asking that no phones of technology be present for the 3 days. ( you can give your emergency contact the facilitators details incase your family needs you in an emergency)


OCTOBER 13th -16th 2022


Emily Shine

kinesiologist, Reiki master, Human design reader, spiritual development coach, womb healing facilitator.

It has been my honor to hold space for many retreats over the years but none have felt more potent then the energy that has been calling us to emergence. This energy of cutting back all of the noise from around us and returning home to ourselves during this massive time in evolution. I look forward to being able to bring the medicine that has been passed down to me though various teachings and remembering's to contribute to the healing that will be taking place on this sacred land during this potent time. If you are feeling fear around stepping into this space know that you are completely held every step of the way and that fear often rises when we know we are about to transform forever. surrender listen to your inner wisdom and join us on this journey. 


Jessie Moss

yoga teacher, intuitive healer, transformation coach

I delve heart first into life's learnings and deep self-work to connect with insights and realizations through my own experience of awakening. I then choose to share the wisdom and lessons as a facilitator of awakening and change, creating that key shift for others in a time of transition. In showing up as authentically as I can in each moment, my intention is to reflect truth in the world. In this truth I align with those who need that same truth—every time, at exactly the right time. It's a beautiful process to be part of. As I support change and growth in humanity, I am very blessed to witness alignment to awakening all around me. I look forward to stepping into this potent and powerful retreat space and to be with the people that I feel already being called forward to connect, heal and transform together.

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OCTOBER 13th -16th 2022


Pay in full and get $100 off

Share room ( 8 spaces available)


per person


3 Day pass Only No accommodation - fully catered and access to all retreat offering apart from accommodation 

(also does not include sweat lodge)

per person 

Payment plan 

Non refundable deposit of $300

choose either to pay monthly payments fortnightly or weekly calculated on the date of your booking 

Last payment must be completed by may 15th

This is a non discriminating event, all are welcome regardless of your age, sex or medical status

In the event of a Covid 19 related cancelation tickets are fully refundable. otherwise tickets are non refundable but fully exchangeable for other retreats or transferable to other people. 

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