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You aren’t here by accident. You’re here by Design.

Human Design


What if you were provided with the tools you need to decondition yourself from past beliefs, repetitive behaviors, and negative patterns holding you back and blocking your path to living the comfortable, fulfilling, and joyful life you desire?  

What if I presented you with a roadmap – one specific to you - detailing the life you were born to live and how to follow it?

A Human design reading offers you a map of your unique genetic design, with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself.  Human design combines the ancient teachings of astrology, I Ching and the chakra system into a modern framework, providing insight and tools as to the gifts and karmic lessons you brought into this incarnation. Examining your chart can help you to learn the ways you are genetically designed to interact with the world, how you are designed to be in relationship, why you are here, in this body, on this earth at this time, it can shine light on the architecture of your energetic system, how you manifest and engage opportunities, where your inner voice speaks from, and what gifts are innately yours. 


HD Foundation Reading

In this 90 minute session we will cover the basics of your unique Human Design chart to get you started on your Human Design journey. This session covers your Human Design Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Centers, which you need to understand before you explore the rest of your chart.

Investment $200 AUD

90 minutes 

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Human Design Healing Session
Divine Energetics 

In this 2 hour session we will cover the foundation of your unique Human Design chart as well as using a variety of energy healing techniques to help you uncover and release conditioning that has been held in your energy bodies that may be holding you back from fulfilling your highest potential. This is a potent session that offers the maximum amount of clarity and propels you forward in your life. 

Suitable for all levels of design knowledge, no previous readings required. 

Investment $250 AUD

2 hours 


Advanced HD Reading

Ready to go deeper? This 90-minute session dives into your Gates, Channels, Incarnation Cross, Digestion, Environment, Strongest Sense, and Arrows. . This is a very detailed reading that will uncover and explain the totality of your design. *Requires an Introductory Reading first.

Investment $200 AUD

90 minutes 

Man Carrying his Girlfriend

HD Relationship / Family Reading

A relationship reading literally combines two or more personal Human Design bodygraph charts into one integrated reading shedding light on how we interact with each other. HD relationship readings can improve the quality of our relationships, especially with the people we love. When we understand the energetic dynamics that underpin our relationships, we not only get clarity and helpful strategies for improving our interactions with others but we also gain compassion, patience and forgiveness.  

This reading requires that you have had at least a basic reading about your own chart first. This makes what you learn in the Relationship Reading infinitely more valuable and usable.


Please note the other person does NOT need to be present for (or even aware of) the reading. I’ve had many clients who simply want to understand and know how to support and interact better with their spouse, or child, or grandchild, or sibling, or business partner, or best friend.

Investment $250 AUD

2 hours 

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