Thursday March 5th- Sunday March 8th 2020









Earthed Goddess Retreat

“Welcome to our Retreat. In the next few days we’ll be embarking on a
spiritual journey of self-discovery and deep healing.

Although you may not know each other right now, I
have no doubt in my mind that you all will continue to be friends forever after these three days”.. Emily Shine 

These retreats were created with an intention to bring the sisterhood together to connect women with themselves and each other on a deeper level. There is something magical that happens in this space, something that words alone cant really explain. Every retreat I hold space for happens through me not from me, it is actually quite out of worldly to witness.


This retreat when I originally planned it was meant for Byron Bay on the 19th but logistics got in the way forcing us to reschedule and move the retreat to our Montville location on the 5th of march instead. low and behold the new date happens to fall on a super full moon in virgo, that is no coincidence. Actually the last retreat I planned changed it logistics in the initial planning stages too and if it had been where it originally planned to be we would have all been evacuated from the bush fires. There is magic at work here, the experience is governed by cosmic light, I also know that if you are meant to be there you will be because every group of women that has attended in the past has worked perfectly together, and the healing myself and the team have held space for has been perfectly timed for every woman.  The energy knows best always with these things and we now have everything in place to officially go on sale. As well as offering a variety of healing modalities, nourishing food and wellness activities, I bring with me a team of professional specialists to help support you through your experience with in the retreat.

“I’m walking away from this retreat with a lifetime of friendship and soul-searching that no amount of money can pay for” — Donna

Only 8 spaces Available!


Queen Single Room 2 spots available - $2400

Single Room Single bed- $2200

Twin Share room 2 single beds (4 spots available) - $2000 per person

Single bed in Shared loft Room 1 spot available- $1500   


Only requires a 20% deposit to book your space

payment plans available that suit you.

Pay in full and receive $150 off your ticket price.



Nourishing meals

3 Nights accommodation in a beautiful Montville villa.  




Group Past life regression

Group readings

One on one consultation with Emily Shine during your stay 

Follow up appointment with Emily Shine once you return to the real world 

Spiritual development classes

Expansive and connective activities to help feed your soul

and much more to be reviled on during your experience.  


"This was journey which transformed who we were from the inside out, tore down our amour, opened our hearts and allowed us to connect to ourselves and each other in a way we never have done before. As the closing hugs commenced, each of the women knew they would be walking away with more strength and resilience, more love, more connection and a soul sister for life. – Naomi

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