Unleash your potential to live a vibrant and energised life by awakening and balancing your chakras!

When we awaken and balance our chakras, we unleash the potential to live a rich and vibrant life. Mist your body from head to toe as desired or use as a room spray.


At Earthed. all our products have been energised and cleared by Emily Shine.  As an energy Healer she took care to ensure even the smallest of details are covered. Right down to the bottles. Glass bottles are important as they dont disrupt the integrity of the product with petrochemicals from plastics. By using clear & white packaging the colour vibrations from the crystals are not compromised by coloured packaging that would in turn add diffrent vibrations to the spary. This product was created by an energy healer for energy healing. 


Crown Chakra Clearing mist helps to balance the crown chakra which is particularly helpful during meditation, yoga or deep spiritual work. Calm the mind and open your higher self. Infused with Amythyst & Clear Quartz Crystals and essential oils such as Frankincense & Lavender. 

Earthed, Crown Chakra Clearing Mist 100ml

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