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This one day retreat is aimed at giving you a full body reset without having to take to much time away from your family.


Find your happiness, Find your flow, connect with like minded soul sisters all in one incredible day!!

Goddess immersion retreats allow us to rediscover and tap into the unlimited power of the mind-body connection.

we will participate in activities that are aimed to realign fragmented facets of the self in a manner that allows us to achieve a state of sustainable equilibrium that facilitates an overall sense of health and well-being.

we will be spending the day focusing on wellness of our whole being, knowing and understanding our own body, mind and spirit is key to having a relaxed and healthy life.

This deeply connected one day retreat will include.. 

* Welcome to ceremony with an activating morning breath work session at Miami beach as the sun comes up followed by a morning ocean swim. (please bring spare cloths a towel and swimmers) 

*in-depth discussions on personal growth and development including tools designed to empower us with a greater sense of personal control and responsibility for our own well-being.

*yoga, beautiful gentle flowing yin yoga that even people who can’t stand yoga will love. This is the type of yoga that helps you to drop back into your body, that leaves you feeling incredibly grounded. We will also be going through easy asanas that support your immune system and gut health that you can easily incorporate into your life at home.

*cacao connection circle, this is a space to feel seen, heard, accepted and develop new relationships with others. Retreat containers are powerful and beautiful you may be surprised at how at home you will feel in this space. We will utilize the medicine of cacao which opens the heart and allows us to connect on a deeper level to ourselves and our environment.

*plant based lunch and snacks along with meal prep classes. Enjoy beautiful plant based meals along with a cooking class on how to easily meal prep using more plants to keep your cleansing in flow once you return home.

*meditation and sound therapy aimed at realigning your chakras, tapping you back in to your inner intelligence and calming your mind.

*Womb healing along with being initiated with the shamanic right of the womb, aimed at freeing and clearing you from anything held in this space.

*journaling prompts.

Leave this retreat feeing the effects of 2020 washed away and a bright new self in its place.


$250 per person 

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