The deep cleanse 48 hour Reset is 48 hour wellness retreat aimed at giving you a full body reset. 2020 has been difficult for many of us and as a result we have at times formed bad habits, disconnected from our bodies or just felt energetically heavy. The cleanse is aimed at giving 2020 a beautiful but firm send off and realigning your mind, body and soul for 2021.

Spend two beautiful nights on the Sunshine Coast in a Yandina bungalow just 10 minutes from the beautiful beaches of Coolum. This is an exclusive experience open to only 5 women. I have never before held such an intimate container, it is aimed at providing the most exclusive and attentive experience. Over the weekend together we will be rediscovering and tapping into the unlimited power of the mind-body connection.

we will participate in activities that are aimed to realign fragmented facets of the self in a manner that allows us to achieve a state of sustainable equilibrium that facilitates an overall sense of health and well-being moving into 2021.

This weekend will indeed bring connection however we will really be focusing on introspection, knowing and understanding your own body, mind and spirit is key to having a relaxed and healthy life.

That means no technology, no alcohol, no sugar, no noise, just you, 4 like minded women and your practitioner.

(Ps if you are a mum needing to contact your children you are more then welcome to, however I advise that you give them my number for emergencies and switch your phone off for the most part of our time together)

This powerhouse weekend will include

*Intensive one on one kinesiology and mentoring session with me, unearthing areas of your body, nutrition, mind and soul that need extra attention.

*in-depth discussions on personal growth and development including tools designed to empower us with a greater sense of personal control and responsibility for our own well-being.

*yoga, beautiful gentle flowing yin yoga that even people who can’t stand yoga will love. This is the type of yoga that helps you to drop back into your body, that leaves you feeling incredibly grounded. We will also be going through easy asanas that support your immune system and gut health that you can easily incorporate into your life at home.

*cacao connection circles, this is a space to feel seen, heard, accepted and develop new relationships with others. Retreat containers are powerful and beautiful you may be surprised at how at home you will feel in this space. We will utilise the medicine of cacao which opens the heart and allows us to connect on a deeper level to ourselves and our environment.

*plant based meals along with meal prep classes. Enjoy beautiful plant based meals  along with a cooking class on how to easily meal prep using more plants to keep your cleansing in flow once you return home.

*meditation, sound therapy and breath work, throughout the day we will engage in introspective meditation practices breath work and sound healing, aimed at realigning your chakras, tapping you back in to your inner intelligence and calming your mind.

*beach/ nature walks to reconnect you with Mother Earth.

*Womb healing along with being initiated with the shamanic right of the womb, aimed at freeing and clearing you from anything held in this space.

*journaling prompts.

*take home action plan to help you on your journey along with a 1 hour follow up session with Emily to help you integrate the retreat ( should be used with in a month of retreat for best results)

Leave this retreat feeing the effects of 2020 washed away and a bright new self in its place.





Pay in Full 

Own room $2220 per person

3 tickets available

Twin share room $1800 per person

2 tickets available 

Payment plan 


Own Room 

non refundable Deposit of $500 

choose either to pay 2 monthly payments of $900 

or 4 monthly payments of $450


Twin Share 

Non refundable deposit of $350

choose either to pay 2 monthly payments of $800 

or 4 monthly payments of $400


Please note this is a very exclusive offer open to only 5 people there for there are no holds as tickets will book quickly.

In the event of a Covid 19 related cancelation tickets are fully refundable. otherwise tickets are non refundable but fully exchangeable for other retreats or transferable to other people.