There truly is something for everyone at our beautiful retreats, and how you spend your time is completely in your capable hands. Read through our itinerary and event descriptions to get yourself fully familiar with some of the workshops we have to offer. A member of the Shine squad  will contact you at the time of your booking to secure your choices for this exciting journey to empowerment. Not sure what you need? listen to your gut, your intuition is your greatest advisor and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! that is where the growth happens....

Intuition Workshop

Discover your own internal GPS System with

Emily Shine 

Your Intuition is one of your most valuable assets and greatest navigation tools for life. Connecting to your intuition can help to prepare you for change, warns you of danger, helps you navigate difficult situations and provides powerful creative insights to help you make decisions with in your life and career. When you learn to distinguish your intuition from the mental chatter, fear and anxiety  your intuition can give you massive insights and help you to flow through life with ease and grace. This class will provide you with practical tools to develop and connect you to your inner GPS system and to help you to make well informed, conscious decisions.

We will cover.

  • ways to receive intuitive information

  • identifying your strongest intuitive pathways and how to increase them.

  •  explore practical uses for intuition for guidance at work and in personal life

  • use intuition for inspired creativity and problem solving

  • Learn how to use tools such as pendulums and oracle cards to access your own intuition and interoperate messages.

  • learn how to unblock yourself and discern guidance from mental chatter.

  • explore ways to ground and protect your energy so that your intuition is not effected by external noise. 

This class is suited for those interested in expanding spiritually and also navigating their business & career. 


Love Your Guts 

The Gut Brain connection is responsible for how we think and feel, if the brain isn't happy the tummy isn't happy, if the tummy isn't happy the brain isn't happy! so how do i know what my body does and doesn't need? by listening to your GUT! 

Emily Shine will take you on a journey to bring you back into alignment with your body. Through this workshop we will discover what nutrition really means and how to cut through the confusion and learn to hear the stories your body is trying to tell you. we will touch on techniques that will help shift the feeling of deprivation when it comes to eating properly, enhance your moods, increase longevity and vitality and bring balance back to your gut health. Having a healthy body doesn't just stop at eating the right food. It's knowing what food is right for you, when to eat it and when not to eat, balancing the emotions around nutrition and using your inner knowing to navigate that. 

We will touch on 

  • Intuitive eating 

  • How your gut impacts your willpower 

  • How to reconnect with your body

  • Gut health tips for increasing your microbiome (good bacteria) 

  • how emotions effect your health

  • how to love yourself & love your body

  • How to emphasise foods and thoughts together to heal your body


Loving yourself back to full health

With Emily Shine 

Law of attraction & Manifesting Abundance 

How to make your dreams come true 
With Hayley Ullman

This workshop is for people ready to end their struggle in life with money, relationships, health, or simply the daily grind of life. Learn how to focus your mind constructively, not destructively. Learn how to pivot when “contrasting” situations appear. Understand, at a deep level, the exact essence of the vibration you are offering. Hayley step you through the phenomenon that is the law of attraction and how to utilise it when setting goals and aspirations for the future. 


learn the basic fundamentals of energy and how it moves with in and around our bodies.

This workshop is for everyone and anyone who has a body. We are all very aware that we have a nervous system, a cardiovascular system and a digestive system but often while looking after ourselves we can leave out some of the most important systems of all, the systems that carry and store energy with in and around our body. throughout this workshop we will explain what these energetic systems are and techniques you can use at home to keep them clean and working optimally. We will explore:

  • Aura's or Auric Fields, how to feel them see them, clear them and what is yours holding onto? 

  • Chakras, what traits do they each have and how do they effect different aspects of our life and our wellbeing.

  • How to clear and balance our chakras 

  • Chi Energy & Meridian Systems the highways of energy running through our body connecting our muscles and organs.

  • Energy healing techniques such as sound therapy, crystal therapy and Prana healing. 

  • How to clear your home and body of energetic debris. 


A journey into permanent unstuckness  

With Emily Shine 

Have you ever doubted your purpose in this human life time? Have you ever wondered is this what I'm really meant to be doing? Do you ever get the feeling that you are pouring yourself into something just to have the effect of pushing a bolder up a hill. This happens to the best of us when we are out of sync with our highest potential. when there is one or more factors in our life that is causing us to get distracted from our path, have mental or physical blocks and loose touch of our flow. These circumstances can arise in all different ways around us be it in our careers, relationships, body or even every day activities. This workshop is about understanding the queue's life is giving you that are often disguised as challenges and how to use them to better understand your path and find your flow. If there is any area of your life that you need some unstuckness with then this workshop is for you! 


Energy Medicine 101

Find Your Flow

#Look After Your Selfie

How to use social media to EXPLODE your business with Tina Hay

Having personally worked with hundreds of clients and organisations Tina really understands marketing strategy and how to create campaigns and appeal that get to the right people at the right time. Through this workshop Tina will be sharing her vast knowledge and expertise on:

- Why Facebook Ads is the number one tool 90% of organisations are using to drive traffic

- How to achieve organic engagement with Facebook and Instagram

- The best way to utilise LinkedIn for Lead Generation


Yoga & Meditation

Hatha Yoga & Kirtan Meditation with Candace Earl

Candace will guide you through the wonderful practices of Hatha Yoga for our body, Deep Peace Meditation for our mind and Kirtan Meditation to sooth the soul, for all of you on this retreat!

Candace says "Through this wonderful process of meditation I have experienced a gradual deepening of my sense of inner peace, satisfaction and happiness and am forever grateful for having access to this wisdom & I'm looking forward to sharing these life changing benefits with you too!"

With many years’ experience in teaching hatha yoga and meditation, Candace will provide a creative blend of energy and fun with options suitable for all levels. You’ll find her instructing some of the yoga asana classes, guiding you through the meditation and playing her lovely instrument called a harmonium to accompany the enlivening practice of Kirtan Meditation.

If you have or have not tried any of these practices before then we encourage you to try Candaces classes so you can experience the benefits.


One Heart Workshop

Colour Therapy Art With Lisa Hatherly

"Lisa is a colour and creativity coach who helps people reconnect with themselves, courageously face their challenges, and chase their dreams. Through her art and colour workshops, Lisa creates a safe space for people with all levels of artistic ability to raise their energetic vibrations, manifest their desires and intentions and explore the practical ways that colour can contribute to their own well being and personal healing." The One Heart workshop is a chance to discover the meaning behind the language and messages of colour. You will unveil what message colour has specifically for you and how you can use colour in your life to help you chase your dreams and face your challenges. Together, we will reveal your own personal colour energy signature and help to activate your own inner creative wisdom that is waiting to be unleashed. At the end of the workshop, you will have created your own intentional art piece to guide you along your path.


Lets go chasing waterfalls with Emily Shine

Take a journey Through the Bush with Emily Shine to view one of Binna Burras surrounding waterfalls Along the way Emily Shine will step you through Various Grounding Techniques to help you clear and protect your energy. This walk will be aimed at Re Connecting your body to nature and awakening your devine feminine energy. Devine feminine energy is creative, intuitive, compassionate, nurturing and most Importantly connected. Mother Earth holds an abundance of these properties and connecting with her helps us to awaken them with in ourselves. This experience will bring you  exercise,beautiful scenery, relaxation, knowledge on grounding, reconnecting and awakening the divine feminine energy with in you. Once we reach the waterfall we will participate in a healing water ritual that will help you clear and heal away any energetic attachments you may be holding onto from, Your own birth or giving birth which can sometimes hold trauma in ways we are unaware of. This ritual is also great at clearing away issues that relate back to being a mother or being mothered. Pack Tissues in your back pack this can be very releasing!


Feminine Awakening Walk

Gut Friendly Treats masterclass 

with Anji 

Who said treats need to be bad for you!?Over the course of two hours Anji will be running her clean treats cooking demonstration to show you how healthy food can be tasty, easy and nutritious. She will also be running an information session that provides insight into what it is you need to do to achieve your health related goal. ​ She is passionate about sharing information with you and helping you live a life that radiates joy and wellbeing.

Introduction to Essential Oils


Essential oils can be used to raise your mood, support your emotions, build your immune system, assist in first aid and pain relief, release stress and as household cleaning and beauty products.


This hands on workshop will not only leave you smelling amazing, you’ll also walk away with a deeper understanding of how to bring essential oils into your life.


Learn how to use essential oils to:

1.              Experience lifelong vitality
2.            Have clear and vibrant skin
3.            Manage pain naturally
4.            Deal with sleep issues, headaches and migraines
5.            Manage moods and depression
6.            Deal with hormones and women’s health issues
7.            Boost your immune system
8.            Deal with allergies
9.            Combat cold and flu
10.           Relieve anxiety and stress

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